Unit 4, Home Farm, Shere Road, Albury, GU5 9BL
01483 347437


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    surrey hills

    Office: 01483 347437

    Enquiries: office@b4sh.org.uk

    Accounts: accounts@b4sh.org.uk

    Complaints: complaints@b4sh.org.uk

    Faults & Technical Support: We are locally based which means we can respond quickly to faults. If you are having issues with your broadband service, you might be able to resolve a technical problem by reading through our Technical FAQs.

    We publicise when we have planned network maintenance and current network status on our Network Status page

    To contact us with technical queries or loss of service

    • Email: helpdesk@b4sh.org.uk
    • Telephone: 01483 347437

    Office Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm. Voice messages can be left outside these times. If you leave a message, please provide your name and the full address, including postcode, of the B4SH service and a brief summary of the problem.

    Office Address: Unit 4, Home Farm, Shere Road, Albury, Guildford GU5 9BL