Project Gigabit Overview


In April 2021 Building Digital UK (BDUK), a government department, launched a scheme, Project Gigabit, “to deliver lightning-fast, reliable broadband for everyone in the UK”. Their aim is that a minimum of 85% of the UK is gigabit-capable by 2025. Through Project Gigabit, funding will be made available to approved broadband suppliers, including B4SH.

The new scheme was launched in April 2021 as “UK Gigabit Voucher” (UKGV), with an additional £210m funding.

How does it work?

BDUK offer a voucher (grant) for each live connection that is made: £1500 for residential and up to £3500 for a business.

Once a voucher is issued, we can roll out the network to your area, connect you and we can claim the voucher.

We work with communities to gather interested subscribers and invite the property owners and businesses to apply for vouchers for a connection.  BDUK has a registered list of postcodes, so we will need to verify if your property is eligible.

Why would I apply for a voucher?

Applying for a UK Gigabit Voucher through Project Gigabit doesn’t just help you get connected to gigabit broadband, the funding helps your whole community get connected. The more businesses and homes we connect, the more government funding becomes available, and the quicker and better we can serve the whole of our community.

What do I get when I apply for a voucher?

The voucher is paid to B4SH after your service is live and B4SH benefits in that the funding helps us fund the continued growth of the network into new rural areas.

What’s the process to apply for a voucher?

There are 3 points for contact with anyone requesting a voucher:

  • B4SH send you a link – you complete the application details and confirm business or residential service
  • BDUK contact you direct and you confirm you want service – you reply within 28 days
  • After service is live, BDUK contact you again. You confirm you have live service – you reply within 28 days

What happens after the voucher has been issued?

We proceed with installing the fibre to your premises and starting service. The scheme requires us to complete this process within 12 months of the voucher being issued.

Can schools or public sector buildings get a grant?

Funding to connect schools (state only) and public sector buildings is from a separate government budget and each grant is made through a different process.

Are there minimum service terms?

UKGV minimum term is 12 months’ service.

Can I do anything to help spread the word about the voucher scheme?

Yes, please contact the office We will try to put you in touch with others who are keen to get the service brought to your area.  The more vouchers that we get for your specific area, the quicker we can reach you, so you are helping us and helping others as well as helping yourself!

Where can I find out more about Project Gigabit?

For information on the Gigabit Voucher Scheme this web link will take you to the Government website.

Terms and conditions are at this link