Unit 4, Home Farm, Shere Road, Albury, GU5 9BL
01483 347437

Network Expansion

Yesterday we had a call from Albury Estate and Albury Estate Fisheries requesting that we provide our orange duct and Fibe Optic broadband service in the Weston Lake area where a new Fisheries Office will soon be constructed.

We responded immediately and with the help of Estate staff it was all installed today. This is the first section of what we call our “Albury North” (of the A248) route. We also discussed the installation of the tubes back to Home farm through the Sherbourne 500 mm culvert and onwards into the central village area and towards the Post Office.

HOWEVER this sub-project can only proceed when we have sufficient local investment in our HMRC-approved Social Investment Tax Relief scheme thus allowing UK income tax payers to obtain a 30% tax rebate. Being not-for-profit we have to obtain the investment for each area to cover the materials and plant hire costs.

We have already started an awareness campaign for both investors and subscribers but we could do with a few more volunteers and champions to help encourage every North Albury resident to join our Hyperfast Broadband network.

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