Unit 4, Home Farm, Shere Road, Albury, GU5 9BL
01483 347437

Have you seen our banner?

If you have passed through Albury recently you may have seen our banner advertising the B4SH Hyperfast service.

It is on the corner at the bottom of New Road.

Gig up and down - Fibre broadband in Albury

Service is now available to a growing number of residents in Albury.

Can you Gig up and down? If not contact B4SH to get your Hyperfast connection by completing the Join form.

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W alter G M Willcox

This Sunday morning 5 May 2019 there was a local power outage at 06:29:41 so our monitoring systems detected that situation ! We also noted that ALL our services in the properties we serve had gone AWOL too.
This is because they are all connected to mains power also affected by the outage BUT NOBODY has yet invested in UPS / battery back-up systems !
We suggest that those who also rely on VOIP telephone systems should obtain some form of battery back up.
Please see a very helpful article on our B4RN associate’s web site:-
We now note that power was restored:-
Device albury-1-smx750i-ups recovered from APC UPS Switched to Battery Power
Severity: warning
Time elapsed: 50m
Timestamp: 2019-05-05 07:20:59
Rule: APC UPS Switched to Battery Power

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