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The 4K TV debate

Interesting article by technical guru  about the availability of 4K content to showcase new large screen 4K TVs.

samsungq8fnHe explains that with his new 82″ Samsung the picture quality with a true 4K source is breathtaking. He goes on to say that the required pipe to bring 4K into the house is expensive in his home town on New York.  Shelly says

This has the potential to bifurcate big-screen video viewers into two distinct economic segments: those who can afford 4K sets and the required bandwidth and can afford to pay for premium on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes (soon to be Apple TV), and those who can’t.

People who can’t afford 4K content and its hefty monthly bandwidth bill will have to make do with standard definition and regular 2K HD content (where available) from cable providers and over-the-air television stations.

The video viewing world may be divided into premium video haves, who pay and therefore do not see commercial messages, and video have nots, who are forced to endure endless commercial breaks and least-common-denominator, mass-market content.

Read more by Shelly Palmer at his blog:

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